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Wired Remote Control, UTP with Power Adapter

Price: $259.00
Item Number: U-WRC-U-B
When both a UTP and coax drop is available, the Wired Remote Control for UTP is an excellent way to provide the full UVerse Experience to Cardio Equipment!!
The original Service Provider Remote has been modified from its original form.  There is no longer I/R emitters on the remote and it no longer requires batteries!  Instead, it recieves power and transmits control signal over twisted pair. Service Provider remotes include AT&T Uverse, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner, and Cox.
Installation Instructions, Cat 5 + Coax Systems
Post installation Trouble Shooting, Leave This After Finishing

Installation is simple...
  1. Ensure that the coax drops and the UTP drops servicing the cardio gear are available in the area housing the Set Top Boxes.
  2. Attach the remote controls to the cardio gear in a manner acceptable to building management.
  3. Attach the wired remote control to the UTP drop.
  4. Attach the cardio gear to the Coax drop
  5. In the equipment room housing the Set Top Boxes, place or mount the "splitter box" next to the given Set Top Box.
  6. Plug the I/R Emitter into the splitter box and attach to the set top box.  Be sure and attach permanently.
  7. Route the UTP drop into the splitter box
  8. Test and Confirm
  9. If more than one box is present, power can be daisy chained.  This reduces the wire mess and the number of power outlets require.