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Connecting U-Verse or other Provider Video to Cardio Machines?
Here Are 2 Solutions:
Wired Remote Controls
  • Provides Full Provider Functionality to Every Piece of Equipment
  • Requires Wired Remote on Every Piece of Equipment
  • Wired Remotes for Multiple service providers including AT&T U-verse, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner, and Cox
  • Multiple configurations for transport wiring include Coax and UTP (CAT5/CAT6), UTP only, or coax only
    • Easy to Install
    • Requires Dedicated Set Top Box Per TV
    • Beginning at $349 Per TV Provisioned
If only need replacement Wired Remote, see Accessory Items at left  
Mini-Headend Solutions  
  • Uses Controls Found on Cardio Gear
  • Offers Service to Virtually Unlimited Number of TV's
  • Limited Channel Line-up, Requires One Set Top Box Per Channel Offered by System
  • Available for both coax and UTP wiring
  • Experienced Installer Required
  • Prices Quotes Per System, Use "Contact Us" for Quotes.
If tired of Viewing Screen Savers instead of Television Content, see Wake Up Device Below 

Today's Specials

Wake Up Device
Price: $200.00
Wake Up Device
The WUB-OAS is a USB Powered device to keep AT&T U-verse Set Top Boxes from going into the sleep mode. It is used in instances such as Mini HeadEnds or individual Set Top Boxes where the sleep mode cannot be tolerated.
Wired Remote Control, UTP with Power Adapter
Price: $259.00
Wired Remote Control, UTP with Power Adapter
When both a UTP and coax drop is available, the Wired Remote Control for UTP is an excellent way to provide the full Service Provider Experience to Cardio Equipment!! Package includes Wired Remote, WRC, and other equipment.